Monday, 2 November 2015

Embracing My Family (Personal Narrative)

It was a rainy day, hurricanes and storms were rudely visiting our country, but our area is fortunately unaffected. Today, was the day Mom and Dad promised to get my sister and I the new companions we have been waiting for for a long time.
“Are we there yet?” I ask, excited. My parents shakes their heads and I go back to my impatient, pouting face. But my cheerfulness drowns my sadness, and the smile comes back as quick as lightning.
In my opinion, every single day feels boring. I spend most of my precious time with myself. My school hours are shorter than my older sister’s, so I get to go home earlier. She also has more challenging homework than I have every single day, so I am not allowed to disturb her. Dad is nearly always at work, and travelling to his office and back took too long. There was an occasional trip outside the country which took three or four unusually long days. When he gets home, he spends his time recharging his energy by sleeping. Mom is busy cooking, cleaning and watering the plants like an excellent housewife would. Her time with me was mostly for homework, and I never enjoyed the practises she gave me. An addition of pets in our family would mean that I could occupy those animal’s time, playing and doing weird, fun things with them as I would with my friends.
“What will you name them?” Dad said, referring to the dogs we’ll buy. My older sister and I shrug, maybe their names will come to us once we see and get to know them. The rain pounds angrily against the the windows, making it hard to concentrate on a single thing.
“Animals are man’s best friend,” this is an unwritten rule wrapped around my family. Having pets seems to be one of the greatest idea in the world, but we know that it would also be one of the most challenging. We accepted the challenge long ago, and will commit ourselves and our time to them. We had agreed to treat them like normal humans, like they’re our siblings that need care and protection. I knew how hard it would be to take care of animals, but I will do whatever I can.
They also had their own perks. I would love the feeling of coming home to be greeted by a little fur-ball of happiness containing nothing more but love and fun. I would love to feel their soft fur and think of comfort.
Those animals will not just be mine, but my whole family’s pets, I was to share the love they will give me. I want them to be with us for the rest of our lives. I want them to be able to be with us wherever we go. They were going to be seated in a special place in our hearts.
We arrived at the location where they sell many different breeds of animals, every step we took reached their sensitive ears. The area was surrounded with the smell of animal food, and we heard different pitched barks, meows, chirps, etc.
“Over there!” My older sister pointed out. She dragged me forcefully by the arm towards where she wanted, our parents calmly walking behind us. I had to admit that the smallest dogs can be the nosiest. One barked angrily at me as I walked past it, I swear it could’ve broken the cage it was in and attack me.
  My attention went to a pair of dogs in a single cage. They were circling each other and occasionally aiming a bite at one another as their game. These two dogs seemed well groomed and healthy. Their coats of fur glowed and both of their dark-brown eyes flashed with energy. The shorter one, male, had chestnut brown spots in a lake of white fur. Meanwhile the taller one, female, had fur as clear as the clouds. In my eyes, they were the perfect image of dogs. My steps quicken.
As we came towards them, their curled tails danced in the air, we could see the similarities between them and thought that they were siblings. My eyes were glued on the two of them.
Smiling, we came over to them, and introduced ourselves to those small animals. My older sister and I quickly look at each other and made a decision, these two dogs will be our companions. It seems as though we forced our parents to buy them, but they looked happy that we chose dogs that looked promising.
“Hello.” I whisper to the spotted dog, petting his tiny head softly through the bars of its cage. He barks at me like he was saying ‘hello’ back.
We were told how to take care of them, their meals, cage, etc. I was too excited to even listen to it, I was bouncing like a ball gone wild.
When we arrived at the car, they were placed in the back where we can see them. During the ride, the whole family agreed on what their names were going to be. It was simple but meaningful: Thunder, the spotted one, and Lightning, the white one.
Now I felt as though a little hole in my heart had been filled. Even though I had my family with me, I still felt incomplete. It’s like Thunder and Lightning were supposed to be with us from the start. I’m starting to feel like I never want the dogs to disappear from my life.
I’ll come home to them happily welcoming me back. They’ll be there to comfort us, and even support us with their silent words. They will be there for us in times of need. It was our responsibility to keep those dogs alive for them to be our family. They are our little fur-balls of happiness whom we have to care for.
I embraced them tightly and promised to never let them go.

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